Dec 31, 2015

New Year's Eve...

Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself...

Maybe with age comes wisdom, or maybe I just see life differently right now.  
Sure it's a combination of both, and largely because of Brutus dying I have 
found myself pulling away a little from social media of all kinds.  

It took me a long time after Brutus died to actually want to check out much on my laptop.
  The only thing that I was OK doing was, and still is my blog.  It serves as an outlet
 for me.  One for which I am really grateful.  Better than a psychiatrist.

Occasionally I still do check my Facebook account, but no others.  At least not frequently.
  It is with different eyes I now look at what goes on with FB.  Before I was amused at people
 just outlining their every move in Facebook.  I mean if you wanted to know where a person 
was at every hour you could actually track them down based on their postings.

Today I am not really interested in what everyone does with their every minute. Before if I
 was bored the easiest thing was to log on to FB and be entertained for a little.  Now it
 is just annoying.  Yesterday I logged on and page after page I saw "friends" lives 
detailed minute by minute with their doings.  Gets boring after a while.  I do 
enjoy seeing pictures, but come on one or two is more than enough. 

Even I like to post at least one picture when we go someplace.  Not hundreds of them. 
 No one has the time not desire anyway.  Yes, these days my patience is limited. 

  I know we all post because we want everyone to know where we are and what we are doing,
 and so forth.  I have done it, but as time goes by I hope to do so less and less.  I think 
our privacy is very important and I now say as Arvid, "please do not post any 
pictures of us."  This goes to friends and family.  

Maybe I will feel differently as time goes by.  Today I feel I need to be less visible.
There are many good aspects of FB we enjoy.  It is the way we get to see our gran
daughters daily growth and that of my nieces and nephews among others.

Another beautiful morning here in Fort Lauderdale.  The 3 of us slept in until 8am.
Arvid is already starting on breakfast.  That's his "job" every morning and he looks forward to it.

2015 is soon over.  Somehow it came and went fast.  Our lives have been changed
since Brutus died.  For me nothing right now is the same.  The days just pass by and thoughts 
of Brutus are never far from me.  Missing him is what I do, at the same time Shadow is 
fitting in with us.  He's a very good Kitty Kat, but my Brutus stole my heart.

~Good day to all  of you.  Enjoy the rest of 2015~

Wishing you a happy New Year with a Happy New Day, every day of the year,
as you follow your dreams one day at a time, as the sun rises each day.

Life does not get easier, you just get better at being able to handle it.
May 2016 bring out the best in all of us, and give us a better than 2015 year.
I feel a new beginning coming towards me and I am running to it with open arms...