Dec 14, 2015


Even thought you're on the right track, 
you'll get run over if you just sit there...

A new week.  New start.  New beginnings.  New way to look at life.
That being said, we are going to another of our favorite spots for vacation, Mexico.
This and Chicago are the 2 places we enjoy the most when not in Florida.

The next few days will be spent relaxing, and watching the dolphins. I can't shut
 off what I feel, but i promised Arvid to really try and have a good time. We both
 really need it right now.  Nowhere better right now than the calm blue waters,  and 
the sound of dolphins in Mexico.  The one place where Brutus did not go with us.

I keep myself busy with things to do, but every time I pause
I still think of you.  Mama misses her Brutus.  Good morning everyone.
  Let's hope this week is better than the last.

I wish you a day filled with unexpected miracles...