Dec 7, 2015

Monday..A New Week Begins..

Monday.  New start.  New beginning. 
 New perspective.  Make today count..

As the new weeks begins, I am hoping for better days. My sister said to me, 
"Nad you have to let Brutus go."  I promise to do my best.

Our weekend was OK.  There was music and there was outings with friends.
Could not have asked for more at this time.  Distracting and enjoyable.

On Sunday we went with friends to a Brazilian Steakhouse called Chima. 
 Arvid and I have been there before, but it was the first time
 for our friends.  The company was very good.  

The food was probably very good also, but it kept coming to you from all sides
 and way to often.  Not sure it is our style.  The meat is sliced right by
 you and before you are done there is more to choose for.  If you
 are a steak lover; this is definitely the place for you.

As the week begins one hopes for better days to come.  In my heart there is 
an empty place that Brutus and only Brutus can fill.  Like I told Arvid, I cannot
bring myself as yet to say goodbye.  It's too final and even though I know
 that I  have to one day, that day is not today.  Shadow is a cutie.

Shadow makes us laugh with all his funny moves and kitten stuff.  He keeps us 
busy and he is a good kitty.  Finally he has slept in Brutus' sunbed. It was killing me 
to see that bed empty.  Yesterday i saw Shadow in it. After 30 days of being empty.

As the new week begins, I wish you all good times and always good days.

Life is like riding a bicycle.  
To keep your balance you have to keep moving...