Dec 13, 2015

Yesterday's Boat Parade...Fort Lauderdale

Life should not only be lived.  It should be celebrated...

The parade started out with a bang.  Fireworks and the huge Hard Rock Boat with Nick
 Canon being the official 2015 Grand Marshall.  He passed right by our balcony.  My
mind was not on the parade, but I'm sure it was pretty OK.  Even with less boats.

There are usually about 100 boats, but this year not sure of it.  Did not really 
watch the entire parade.  Beautiful evening even though a bit windy.

Shadow was a hit with everyone.  He could not stay still and had to check out everyone
and everything.  We had him with us during dinner, but as soon as the doors to the
 balcony were open we had to lock him away in the bedroom.  For his own safety.  
He wants to run off.  Some how he managed to knock down the 
barrier that was holding him in and joined us again.

There was enough food to feed 20 people.  Somehow i always make too much,
but at least everyone took home leftovers.  For someone who does not make desserts,
we had cheesecake, carrot cake, apple pie and chocolate mousse cake for Madeline.

Today the kitchen is a mess, but that's OK.  Gives me something to stay busy with.
Last night was Shadow's first boat parade with us, and our first without our Brutus.

It was OK to have company, but it was also OK to see them leave. 
Once alone my thoughts were with my Brutus.  Mama misses you everyday boysie.

To all a good day.  Remember a good life is a collection of happy moments.

There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate...