Dec 23, 2015

Soon It Will Be Christmas Day...

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone...

Soon it will be Christmas Day.  To our friends and family near and far away,
we are sending our best wishes and a big hug.  From us to all of you.

Last Christmas Arvid surprised his family in Norway.  
Was a great time there for all of them.

I spent the Christmas of 2015 in NC with  all of my family.  Was also a great time.
The trend is that  most Christmases we are never home.  Brutus used to spend the day with 
Liliana.  Weird that he now died and we will be spending the Christmas at home.

Shadow is growing fast.  He is a sweet little kitty and both Arvid and I are just 
amazed at all the things he does.  He keeps us going and busy.

In my quiet moments my thoughts wander to my Brutus.  I still cannot
understand why he died and this is keeping me from moving on .

I told Brutus that I have to let go for my own sake.  This does not mean I will
be forgetting him or stop thinking of him, but by doing so I am hoping to be able 
to move forward and not stay stuck in the same spot I have been since he died.

For now wising you all a great day and remainder of 2015.  I am
practicing my letting go slowly.  Not there yet, but I know it has to be done.
Will start tomorrow.  Today I still don't want to let go of my baby.

Happy December 23rd friends.  Soon it will be Christmas Day.

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting...