Feb 16, 2016

Another Day To Be Grateful For...

Think how different you life would be if you never met 
the person who changed everything...

Most of yesterday was pretty good; there was one period during the day when suddenly
 I got very sad and next thing you know the tears just kept coming.  Poor Arvid, 
his white T-shirt was not so white after that.  He held me and comforted me. 
 The shaking stopped and life as we know it continues it's course.

Yesterday we went to the Swap Show.  The place I go for fruit and the occasional
 vegetable.  Growing up in Puerto Rico makes me crave tropical fruit all the time. 
 Also it's the best place I know where you can always get fresh coconut, which I love.  

Arvid had a chore to do there so while he was busy doing his stuff I was enjoying myself. 
 I love observing people and you can tell that there is something here for everyone.

  I will just say that the quality of the clothes, handbags, etc is not good, but the variety of
 "crap" available for purchase if infinite.  There is always something to catch one's fancy.

Now when it comes to their fresh fruit and vegetables, their selection is excellent.

Yesterday I stocked up on mangoes coconuts, green peppers, ripe plantains, tomatoes,
 and some more.  The mangoes are extremely good and the vegetables crisp and fresh.

Yesterday was warm, but the day itself was ugly.  Dark.  rain.  Lots of wind.

The last 2 months my main accessory in my handbag is my umbrella.  Never before
did I carry an umbrella, but after the crazy weather we have been having here it sure has
 kept me dry many a times.  The week ahead is going to be warm, but combination
 of clouds, rain and yes sunshine.  My umbrella and I are ready.

Good morning everyone.  You know they say, keep your face to the sunshine
 and you cannot see a shadow.  Hope it works for all of us today.
  As for me will be giving it my best shot as always.

Start by doing what's necessary. Then do what's possible.
And suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Good morning world...