Feb 13, 2016

Saturday.. Looking Good

Life is about doing the things that make you happy,
not the things that please other people...

Friday was the perfect day to go for a boat trip and to cruise around on the beach.
The fact that we were "working" made it even better.  The day started out on the cooler side, 
but warmed up right away and continued being one very beautiful day.  Needless to say
 Arvid got a tan.  I am always tanned so for me it does not matter.  I just got darker.

We worked and we had fun at the same time.  Just how we would like it to always be,
fortunately we have many of those days in our line of work.  At least we always
make it fun and try to think of it not only as working, but as an adventure and, at the
same time we get to enjoy lots of outdoor time.  Yesterday was just the right day for it.

Like I mentioned, not too cold nor too hot.  Just right.  Our style.  In all of this
we even had time to go to a stamp "show"  Not that great of a show.

On our way back home we heard the song "Baby Please Don't Go"  That's the
 song Arvid made for Brutus and I.  Once it started playing Arvid said
 to me, "you recognize the song?"  How could I not.

After that Arvid was sad for the rest of the evening.  We were going to go out a little
 on the beach for ice-cream, music and beers for him, but after that both of our
 moods changed.  We just decided to stay home.  Of course Arvid claims
he was "tired" because we got burnt by the sun.  I knew better so when
I asked him later in the evening if he was sad he said "yes"

Pets today are a part of almost every household.  Our pets come into our lives and make
it better.  They live hopefully good lives with their guardians, and sooner or later they die.
 It's the way things are.  People move on.  Get a new pet, bond and continue.

When our Brutus died, not only did we lose a pet.  He was our baby.  He was part of
our family.  It was Arvid, Brutus and I.  Neither of us ever imagined that this would be so
 devastating for us.  I have good days.  Arvid goes longer periods than me without
 the sadness, but it comes back. I miss my Brutus everyday.  Everyday.

 I have never seen Arvid cry or grieve for anyone as he did and does for Brutus.
 This for a man who never had a pet.  As for me I will forever miss him.
Ache for him and never full understand what went wrong.

Today Saturday is already promising to be another beautiful day in the Sunshine State.
  Sadly for many it is a freezing day.  My sisters and parents for instance.

Happy Saturday everyone.  It promises to be a good day.  Wish you the same.

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.
In the end we only regret the chances we did not take...