Feb 24, 2016

Busy Days...

No one is always busy.  It just depends what number you are on their priority list...

It never fails.  Whenever we are on the road things happen, so when we come back home 
there are urgent business needing to be taken care of.  We were only gone from Sunday
 to Tuesday.  Luckily we are flexible and this morning that really came in handy
 since Arvid had to just drop everything and take off right away to Miami.

  Arvid is a problem solver and in our business he has sure made things run smoothly for
 so many of our customers.  He's good at it and he loves it, hence we are constantly on the move.

Mondays are busy days for us no matter what, but today more so.  I did not run around 
with him today because thee were other things that also needed to be done here at home.
One thing about Arvid is that he like to eat at home.  No matter what he always tries
 to come home to have lunch with me.  Unless we are on the road out together.

This morning before Arvid was even awake I was already out doing grocery shopping,
 and of course had to make a quick coffee stop.  Too much to do so best to start early.

Wednesday already halfway through the week.  A busy month on the road for
Arvid and I, but no matter where we go my favorite place is always home.  My favorite
part of every trip was coming home to Brutus.  Now we come home to Shadow.

My Brutus is never far from my thoughts, but Shadow is here with us, and we think he was
 pretty happy to see us walk in through the door last night.  He ran non stop for about an hour.

To all a good day.  Sometimes one has to stop realize
 life is not all about being "busy"

Never be so busy as not to think of others...