Feb 21, 2016


There is all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.
Sometime we just have to let things go.  No matter how difficult it may be...

Sunday, easy, quiet relaxing and hopefully a taking it easy kind of day.  In our life you
never know what the day holds.  Arvid is a danger once he starts surfing the Web.  I love it.

Quiet days are not always my friend.  It takes up too much of my thoughts.  Luckily
there is a lot going on right now so we are constantly busy.  Couldn't be better.

Arvid loves routines.  I do as well, but he is much more of a stickler for it than I am.
Breakfast at home is always 9:am  Give or take a few minutes.  Same when we travel 9: am
Our exception is Sundays.  The day he calls his family in Norway.  Then we do breakfast
 around 10-10:30 depending on how the night before went.  Always the same.

We eat lunch at the same time almost everyday and same with dinner.  Rarely a
variation.  Evenings are the same as well.  Most days he turns off the home phones
 at 6 pm.  He believes no one can get hold of us, but many a times he's mistaken.

Little Shadow is doing good.  Getting to become more and more part of our family.
He loves being around us.  He still jumps us every chance he get, but it is so very cute.
He allows me every so often to give him a little brushing.  With Brutus I did it
 all the time. Brutus sure loved his brushing.  I miss my Brutus a lot.

Yesterday as I was cleaning I came across Brutus' travel water bottle.  This was enough
 to set me back.  Little things do it.  What can I say.  He's not easy to get over. My
 heart grieves for this kitty.  Yes, I have good moments.  Many of them, but
like I say when night comes, and I am laying in bed next to Arvid my thoughts
 are always with Brutus.  That's when I miss him like crazy.

Day is looking good.  Arvid talking to his mother.  Typical Sunday
 morning.  Good morning world.  Wishing you a pleasant Sunday.
Remember morning will come it has no other choice.

When you can't sleep at nights is because you are awake in someone else's dream.
Enjoy life today.  Yesterday is gone tomorrow may never come...