Feb 28, 2016

Relaxing Sunday....

Make some time for yourself today,
to relax, reflect and revive your spirit...

Another very interesting trade session has come to an end. Arvid and I are pretty happy 
with the trades made yesterday.  Looking forward to the next one in the months to come.  
  February is soon over. Time has gone by fast.  March 5th will be 4 months since Brutus died. 
Not a day goes by that I don't miss him.  Brutus will forever be my baby.  How I love that kitty.

I do pretty OK or at least try to give the impression that everything is good, but suddenly I don't
 know what happens. I miss him. Grief takes over and I'm back again to square one. I don't 
know how to move on.  Shadow needs us. We need him and he is such a playful kitty cat. 
 When we left him on Friday he looked a little sad. Just the way Brutus used to look
 when we left. For a few minutes there I looked at him and I was sad for him.

We had a very interesting time in St Petersburg.  While Arvid traded I had a few hours at the 
mall, but came back to the trade meeting and spent a few hours with everyone. It was a lot
 of fun to see how everyone just trades and trades.  Even I get into the spirit of trading.  
Thanks to me we ended up with 10 Norman Rockwell posters.  Made me happy!

Sunday already.  Today Arvid and I relax and have some time alone. Seems like we have 
been on the go for so long.  Hardly ever in the same place for long.  Soon we will be me
 heading to NC to visit my parents. Can't wait for it.  Nina and David already took a few
 days off to go as well.  Makes it even more exciting.  It will be cold, but who cares?  

To all a very good Sunday.  Soccer and more soccer for Arvid.  Shadow was super
excited when we walked in the door last night.  He slept a little with us this
morning, and now he's sound asleep, and the boats are passing by
non-stop. Life is good and always something to be thankful for.

The best cure for the body is a quiet mind...