Feb 3, 2016

Half Way Into The Week...

Life goes on, so people move on.  But you can't move
 on if you're not willing to say goodbye...

Time is sure flying.  Already halfway into the week.  Hope that everyone so far has been
 having a pretty good one.  February is the month when family and friends visit Florida to get
 away from the cold climates.  Weather wise I am sure everyone will be happy.  Nice and warm.

Once again yesterday Arvid and I took a walk to the beach.  it was peaceful and always relaxing.
It is becoming one of my favorite things to do with Arvid.  Just the two f us.  Just yesterday
 Arvid looked at his calendar for February and said to me, it is getting filled up."

For about an hour he spent filling up his calendar with things to do and games to watch.
He said, "well just about every day I have games to watch."  He was happy and beaming.

With Brutus we never had to warn anyone to be on the lookout.  Now with Shadow, we
have to caution everyone to please be careful.  Shadow loves to nibble at shoes, toes,clothes
every and anything he finds.  The last people visiting had some tense moments.

Shadow is NOT a bad boy.  He is just super charged.  Always excitable and always ready
 to pay.  If you should so much as move one of his toys, he thinks you want to play.  He has
 so much energy that 2 of his mice are now headless, and yes he still loves to chase them.

When we are eating lunch or toes are not safe.  We come to think of it are always on the
lookout for him.  We have come really close to crushing him.  He's so fast that before
 you know it he's under your feet.  Yesterday he jumped straight into the washer and
then chased a mouse all the way under the jukebox.  He's getting bigger so it's a bit
more difficult for him to get under the jukebox, but he still wiggles in.

It's a breezy Wednesday here in Fort Lauderdale.  The sun is out and
w are up and about ready to tackle the new day.  Happy Wednesday all.

Happy Wednesday.  Be happy with who you are and what you do, and you can do anything
 you want.  Yesterday ended last night a friendly reminder that today is another day...