Feb 12, 2016

Hello Friday...

Good morning.  Get up and do a happy coffee dance.
It's going to be a good day...

Yesterday's sunset was another amazingly beautiful one.  Whether you saw it from 
the balcony or from the office window.  Either way something to be in awe of.

We had company over yesterday and though a short visit is was really very good.  Like
 I have said sometimes these short visits are the best.  Light lunch, good company made 
for a very good Thursday afternoon.  Shadow once again met some new people. 

 Shadow is a people person.  He handles visits really well and is not the type to run off and 
hide.   He was also very lucky because he received many presents and goodies.  Thank you 
Victoria and Michael.  Shadow likes you both and look forward to the next time.

Though a very chilly day, it was also a beautiful day.  The air was crisp and the sky blue.
Even shadow was cold in the morning.  Brutus loved to be bundled up.  Shadow not so much,
 but yesterday he did not complain as I wrapped him in a towel.  Brutus loved being wrapped up.

I am missing our Brutus so very much.  Yesterday Arvid showed the box that contained
 Brutus' ashes to Michael and Victoria.  Michael said "that's all there is?"  And yes,
 that's all we have left of our Brutus a box and a paw print that was made for us

Last night Arvid and I went to a concert, a former American Idol contestant we both
liked very much.  She has a great voice, but we thought she needed a little
 more power into the performance and more of a band.

Good morning everyone.  Warmer temperatures in store for us today.  Wishing you
 all a very good start of the weekend.  Let love show it's face today and always.

I haven't been this excited about Friday since last Friday...