Feb 23, 2016

Hello's From Jekyll Island...

Don't wait for the perfect moment.  
Take  the moment and make it perfect...

Another trade meeting takes us once again on the road. Once again we are in Jekyll Island,
 Georgia. We have been coming to these meetings for a few years now. 

 Always something happening. We arrived Sunday night, and over dinner and drinks Arvid 
sealed a deal, and with the possibility of sealing more in the following days.  Always glad to help 
with this.  My contribution to these deals is my ability to talk and my research into them. 
 Sometimes a little deeper than what Arvid would do.  Unfortunately, there have been times we
 have had to walk away from the deal based on my findings. In the long run only good.

During the day Arvid is usually occupied from 9-5. Yes. It is our job.  In the evenings I join for
 the less formal part of the trade.  It's called the Cowboy Auction.  As far as I am concerned
 the most exciting part of these meetings. Here everyone trades personal property. Even I
have done a few trades in these Cowboy Auctions.  Did a few last night so very happy.

Our hotel is within minutes of the beach. Connected by a boardwalk.  Makes for the perfect 
setting to rise and see the sunrise.  Well that's exactly what I did.  It was pretty cloudy so not
 much of a sunrise yesterday, but even so it was beautiful. Last year I got a very good
picture of the sunrise.  No matter what just being able to walk on the sand, and have
some quiet time all I need.  That alone makes everything worthwhile for me.

The birds were out, and people were out walking the beach.  I usually like being alone at
times like this, unfortunately I was followed by one of the other men attending
 the meeting.  Yeah. Had to talk to him, fortunately he left after 10 minutes.

After that I took my time and just enjoyed it all. Was chilly, but I was bundled up.
 I love these walks on the beach. Me and my thoughts. Most of the day was my own to do
 as I please so I checked out a few more of my favorite places.  Took many pictures.

 Made a few new friends and just had quiet time.  Had lunch at Tortugas Jack then drove
around a little more.  Checked out a few of the new developments and discovered that
there is a Starbucks wishing walking distance from our hotel.  Yay!

Last night I did not sleep well.  My thoughts kept wandering to Brutus.  In the car Arvid,
and, I talked about him a lot.  It was good to talk about him, and also heartbreaking
 at the same time. Not a day goes by without me wondering why.  Why???

Another thing that made me  sad and guilty was that when we left home I did not say goodbye
 to Shadow.  Usually with Brutus we both will tell him goodbye, we will also pick him up
 and say, "I love you."   We did not do that with Shadow. I feel terrible about it.

 At least Arvid did tell Shadow we were leaving,
and Liliana does take good care of him also.

Today started our with rain.  Not exactly what yo want when in a hotel room.
n the other hand gives me a chance to relax.  Enjoy my coffee and read a little.  Not too
much running around that I want to do in this weather, but as soon as it stops I'm out of here.

Good morninng everyone.  Greetings from Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Life goes on whether you choose to move on and take a chance into the unknown.
Or stay behind, locked in the past thinking of what could have been...