Feb 17, 2016

Hello Wednesday...

Love is what dreams are made of.
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams,
live the life you have imagined...

Yesterday may have started out pretty stormy, but it sure cleared up fast.  The dark skies
 turned blue and the rain stopped.  Here in Florida it rains fast and hard, then suddenly ceases.

There was a parade of boats all day long coming back from the Boat Show in Miami.
Started very early in the morning.  Rain or no rain the boats kept coming.

During all of this Arvid was still asleep.  I am an early riser.  He's not a morning person.

Yesterday morning I dreamt Brutus.  First time ever since he died.  103 since he died.  The
 dream was strange.  I was sad and somehow both Brutus and I seemed to know he was 
going to die.  Brutus hugged me and he said "I love you mama."  I don't know what dreams 
mean.  I wish I did.  I woke up feeling very sad.  Shadow was on the bed with us.

This morning I had the best chat with Michelle Desiree.  Arvid's youngest daughter.
We met when she was just 7 years old.   I saw her change into a beautiful young woman
and now into an amazing mother of two.  Yes, she and Emil gave us 2 granddaughters.
 For that I am always grateful.  Life may not always be easy for her, for no one for
 that matter, but Michelle makes it look easy.  Her speciality.  At ease always.

 For her being a mother came naturally and she does it with grace and lots of patience and love.
 We admire her for all she is.  He quiet calm and always her patience and just because she's
 Michelle.  She is an amazing woman and I am fortunate to be part of her life.  I LOVE
 you Michelle Desiree and I admire you for all you are!!!  You make us really PROUD!!
Michelle, you made my morning special and it felt as if I was walking on sunshine.

I'm walking on sunshine and don't it feel good.  It is not how much we have,
 but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness...