Jul 20, 2016

42 Things Every Foreigner Must Learn About Norway... (Part 1) More To Come

Once you understand and appreciate other peoples cultural
 backgrounds, then you can also connect with them more...

The following is taken straight from the Internet.  So if you agree or disagree with me, 
I can't hold it against you nor should you hold it against me.  Norwegians are SPECIAL!!!

According to this article, it's not easy to understand these ice-cold Vikings, but with the following
 tips it will probably make it easier.  I wish I had know this when I first went to Norway.

Definitely a beautiful country.  Well worth the trip.

That's it for today.  The rest to come in another post.  As we all know every country has it's
 own peculiarities.  What may seem strange for one is the norm for another.  When I
first met Arvid there were so many things that I could not understand.  The main one being
our big difference in how we treated people.  I come from a culture of warm, open and
 generous people. Arvid was and in many cases is still a little reserved and not
that fast to open up to people.  I can and I do talk  to everyone I meet.

  Our parents taught us that nothing is wrong with that.  In the USA everyone talks
to everyone even if you don't know each other you strike up a conversation.
 Norwegians are a bit more reserved.  It still does not stop me.

To all a very good day.  Remember we all smile in the same language.

It is not our differences that divide us.  It is our inability to
 recognize, accept and celebrate those differences...