Jul 29, 2016

Oslo... A Special Place ~

Breathe it's just a bad day.  Not a bad life.
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations...

One of my favorite outings when visiting Norway is going to Oslo, which is what we did 
yesterday.  It's about an hours drive from Arvid's hometown of Horten, but that's only good
 as far as I'm concerned. I get to enjoy more if the scenery and take a lot of pictures.

I love cities and Oslo certainly is that. Buildings, restaurants, people moving around and
 life all around you. Love it and miss it right now.  When in Oslo we walk around the main 
street called Karl Johans gate.  It's just bursting with activity and people in constant motion. 

 If I had to live in Norway I would choose to live in Oslo, but of course not practical because 
Arvids family are in Horten.  Horten does have its appeal.  His mother, Molly lives in the 
perfect spot.  From her place you are right in town and everything is within walking distance.  
Plus she has one of the best views in all  of Horten, so it is not bad.  Not in a long shot.

Our first try to get to Oslo had to be cancelled because of the rain.  Yesterday the perfect day.
  A little on the cold side when not in the sun, but if you stay in the sun, nice and warm.  
Best of all no rain.  Here in Norway it's starting to feel like fall.  Time to go home soon. 

 Both Arvid and I are ready.  Few more days to go. Luckily we there is always next year.
For the next few day we have things planned everyday with family so we will be busy.

I miss my little Sniffer and I miss life in the USA.  The other night I had a really bad time. 
Suddenly I missed my Brutus so much. I just needed to see him and hold him. And I freaked 
out over Shadow. Sniffer is doing good. We get updated everyday on him. He is just the
 most lovable kitty is what we are told.  Makes me smile because we can picture 
his moves, and yes he is just adorable and there is no other option but to
 love him.  We miss you little Sniff Sniff and can't wait to come home.

i look forward every year to going to Oslo, but somehow this year even though the weather
 was perfect, the crowd was bursting with energy and there was laughter and life all 
around us, I just felt like going home.  Weird, because I really like the city.  

We also went to a very nice restaurant on the water called The Edge.  Yes it's almost 
at the edge of the fjord, but somehow neither Arvid nor I were that impressed with it.
  I guess it means that we are ready to go home.  Also I think I'm getting a cold.

After lunch we were ready to head back to Horten, where we went straight to our 
maybe favorite place here n Norway.  At least the little of Norway I ave seen.  We went to
 Fishland.  Arvid loves it there.  Says he can relax and just look out at the boats without
 having to do anything else.  I like it as well.  The Créme Brûlée is great as are the cafe
lattes, and definitely when the sun is out it makes for the perfect outing.  A few beers for
  Arvid and then we are relaxed.  He says those are our best outings.  They are good.

Today we all go to V-M for a BBQ.  As always looking forward to that very much.
On Saturday we go to Michelle and Emil's for dinner.  Taco's made with love and her
 special recipe.  Can't wait either.  Everyday we have a full schedule as Arvid says.  

Our days are now numbered.  Yes, I am having a very good time.  Weather could not
 be better.  Always good times with everyone and good food.  We have had some very good 
days with Molly, but I also am excited about Tuesday.  Tuesday we go home.

Wishing everyone a very good Friday and a very good weekend ahead.  Ours is 
looking to be full with friends and family.  Yes it is looking pretty good.

Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.
Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of moments. 
You must experience each one before you can appreciate it...