Jul 25, 2016

Løvøya ~ Rørestrand Outing...

There is no better feeling than going to bed at night and 
not having to set an alarm for tomorrow morning...

Yesterday was a pretty relaxed easy going kind of day to the point where we did not know
 what to do the rest of the afternoon. We walked everywhere we could think of we 
ate out and even so we still had many hours left with nothing to do.

We were supposed to take Arvids mom out to eat, but when we called she said she was 
not feeling good. Bummer.  Lunch nonetheless was good. Arvid had his pizza and
 I had the usual a salad.  Starting to feel like a rabbit, a chubby rabbit that is.

Since coming to Norway I have eaten quite a lot of salads. Setting a new record here. 
Of course we had excellent food, drinks and desserts at VM.  We always do. 
 I enjoy her food better than I enjoy going to any restaurant.  
Both Arvid and I are now tired of eating out.

Back home I cook just about everyday and we eat out 1-2 times a week.  Arvid and I 
went driving to every place we could think of.  We went to a place called Rørestrand 
 It's a beach here in Horten and supposedly fast becoming the best beach in Norway. 

Arvid was not impressed.  At least I thought it was pretty but he kept wanting to leave. 
 Said it was too packed. Too small. Me I saw many pretty things about it. Granted
 I would NEVER swim in it.  The water is clear but there is weeds and a fungus type 
of thing growing in it.  Guess after going to the beaches in the USA 
and Bahamas nothing can compare to it.  That's just my opinion. 

The beach was packed in the water and out of the water.  Here in Norway 
like in all cold places, summer is limited and one has to make the most of it.
  Everyone was laying down taking sun.  Many are very wrinkled.

We also went to a place called Løvøya.  We used to go there a lot when Michelle
 was little now not that often.  We both like it better at Løvøya.  More space and 
more to do.  The "beach" was also packed but we had a walk into the
 forest and saw another side of Norway that for me is strange.

It's the camping lifestyle. Seems like camping is the thing to do in the summer. I see none
 of the attraction and all I see is boredom. Probably would shoot myself if I had to do 
this. Even for a day, but then everyone is different. I'm just glad Arvid and I think alike.
  He said he could never understand either what people see in this camping lifestyle.

The trailers and the campsites kinda cute. Has "amenities". Garden. Flowers. TV.
 Internet just about everything you could ask for, but boy the boredom just kills it for 
me.  As I told Arvid I see it and I'm crying inwardly. He said he also.  All I saw was 
half naked people. Sitting outside of the camper drinking coffee, eating cake,
 and smoking!!!  No thank you. Not for me. Not EVER!!!

One thing I can't complain about is the beauty of the nature. There is beauty 
at every turn you make. Trees. Water. Birds. Families. Just pretty sites. 
Makes up for the boredom.  At least I get to take lots of pictures!

Overall it was a good day. Not too much running around. Just him and I
 discovering some of the hidden beauty right here in his hometown of Horten.  
We're having a good time with family, but we are ready to go home!

Good morning everyone.  It's Monday.  Start of a new week. Wishing you all a 
productive week ahead.  If you were in Norway you would be on vacation right now.  
Technically the entire country shuts down during the summer.  Bizarre if you ask me.

Sometime you don't always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need to 
breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.  You are living your story...