Jul 10, 2016


Today was good.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one...

There is something about Sunday's that sets it apart from the other days. Granted everyday 
is a good day, but come Sunday it seems we are in complete relax mode and we go at
 a slower pace. If you knew Arvid and I, you will know that this is not usual. 

We are always on the move and it makes for a nice change once in a while. The slow pace 
is just for a few hours in the morning, and then it's back on the move. Truth be known I don't
 think either of us will have it any other way.  For us being on the move is fun, it's just how 
we live.  Sometimes I think we are our worst enemies by not knowing how to slow down.

Life is good with us.  We are having a good time with Sniff Sniff.  I miss my days with 
my Brutus.  I love Sniffer, but no one will ever take that special place Brutus holds
 in my heart and my life.  Sometimes I just get lost in thought and I see him.
I long to hold him.  To touch him.  To brush him and to see him again.

Arvid has the cold/flu.  Not the best when one has to travel, on the other hand he does not 
want to take anything that will ,make him feel a little better.  I try, but always he says,
 "NO."  As I have mentioned before, Arvid is not the easiest, and when any man 
is "sick" we all know that what lays ahead is a bumpy road until he recovers.

Even so he still wants to be on the move and do stuff.  Gotta love a man who refuses 
to just lay down and give in to the flu. He is very contradictory, but then he says so am I.

Time is flying by. Soon it will be time to go to Norway, but for now we will enjoy today 
and our life here in Chicago. The day is full of promise and we have a lot to do. 
Hope your day is also a good one.  Everyday we wake up is a good day.

To all a very good day.  Remember, just play, have fun, enjoy the game of life.

In three words I can sum up all I learned about life.  Life goes on...