Jul 21, 2016

Little Horten...

The "nice" part about living in a small town is that when
 you don't know what you are doing, someone else does...

Some of Horten captured by me.  Horten, a seaside town offering plenty of 
outdoor pursuits.  Horten also boasts a rich heritage dating back to Viking times. 

 Of course, Horten is Arvid's hometown in Norway making it special already.

Quaint little houses.  The town of Horten is located out on a peninsula along the
 Oslofjord, in the county of Vestfold – “the sunny part” of Eastern Norway. 

This charming seaside town offers many flourishing gardens and 
shopping areas, and is not least a place for great leisure activities,
 including golf, diving, fishing, swimming, riding and more.

The Horten we see and visit is small.  The municipality is larger, but we stick around
 mostly to the center of town.  Not much goes on without everyone knowing. It's small 
and no matter where you go, you will bump into someone you know.  At least Arvid does.  
Friends from childhood.  Born in Horten, raised in Horten and never left Horten.

Today is definitely looking better already.  We all go to VM for lunch.  Going to them
 is always a treat. They have a beautiful home and the food is always excellent.  As
long as there is food I'm happy.  Now we are once again ready to rock and roll

Our little Sniffer is doing good.  He gets company 2-3 times a day and we get
 pictures and videos of him.  Arvid and I just look at them and smile.  This morning Arvid
looked at him and said, "he's getting more and more like Brutus."  You see our pet sitter said,
 "Sniff is missing you a lot."  Brutus missed us all the time, and not a day went by that
 I did not miss him and wanted to go home to him.  Today I miss him.  I miss my
little Sniff as well and yes looking forward to going home soon back to him.

Good morning everyone.  Greetings from Norway.  Land of the midnight sun.

Be proud of your hometown, it's a big part 
of what makes you the person you are...