Jul 7, 2016

Just Because...

Don't believe everything you hear, don't believe everything 
you read and only believe half of what you see...

On a lighter note.  You know if it comes from one of these celebrity magazines
 it has to be true.  I mean they do sell millions of copies of these magazines
 so I an positive that everything stated in it is confirmed and verified.  

That being said, this is straight from Cosmopolitan Magazine   July 2016 Issue. 
 It's gotta be true.  Here are some of the must have's, for this month.  I have
 a few of them so I know that this this is a verified fact.  Ha Ha Ha....

Seriously though, some of these products do work.  I am a firm believer in the Lancôme
 products, and the Neutrogena products.  I use them and I am pleased with the results.

Well now the have the "truth" for today's edition.  Wishing everyone a good day,
 and don't get too caught in all this "hype" about what you should and should not do.

happy Thursday everyone.  Here the taste of Chicago continues and the crowd will soon
 fill up the park.  Sniff is once again sound asleep after his morning routines.  Arvid is
 making breakfast his everyday "chore" but in this case he really enjoys doing it.
  I've already had my cafe so now I'm ready for the day. Looks like a great one.

We make our own happiness.  Remember happiness does not come
to those who do not appreciate what they already have.

Sometimes rock bottom is the perfect place to rebuild...