Jul 6, 2016

Kissing Day...???

I still remember the feeling I felt when we first kissed...

Not that i have heard of it before, but today is Kissing Day.

The question I ask, who have you kissed today?  Kiss is the first language of love that
 we understand.  I know that not a day would go by that I did not pick Brutus up and hug
 and kiss him.  When Shadow came along I did it, unfortunately it did not last long.  
Now I do it with Sniff everyday as well, and I tell him how much I love him.

The next 4 days Chicago hosts Taste of Chicago.  The largest food festival in the world.
Over the next few days over 1 million people will walk through the gates of Grant Park. 
 Best of all we can see it right from our balcony.  Hear the music and enjoy the sights.

That's all for now.  Going out to the balcony to enjoy the music and views.

Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can't 
see anything wrong with each other.  Happy Kiss day...