Jul 14, 2016

Almost There...

One must work with time and not against it.
When you can't change the direction of your sails adjust it...

There is no putting it off anymore, the packing I mean.  Arvid is still sleeping.  Sniff and
 I are awake and he's watching me having my cage.  I now think that he knows something
 is going on.  Did most of the cleaning up yesterday so today should be a breeze.

Last night as we were watching TV the sky just went from clear  to yellow to multi color.  
There were 2 rainbows, unfortunately capturing them was not as easy, but I did try.

Sniff as usual d up to Arvid.  Then had a fit of "wildness"  He was just cute.
Here in Chicago the day started out a little cloudy and will be warming us fast. Enjoying 
my cafe and the view as we soon get ready to start packing and to saying bye for
 the next few weeks to Sniff.  He's such a very happy kitty kat.

A good day to all, and remember it's all about adjusting one's attitude .

Please excuse the mess our family is soon bout to make some more memories....