Jul 1, 2017

Summer Days Are Here ~

Dear Saturday, you are my favorite...

Saturday is one of my favorite days of the week.  First I only go to the "office"
 for a few hours.  Same goes for Arvid, but my "work" day is shorter than his. 
 Secondly I get to go to the grocery store and spend s little extra time.  
My favorite type of shopping is at the grocery store.

The best part of Saturdays though is that we can eat at home.  Six days a week
 we eat out.  Not the healthiest way to go, but the fastest for sure.  
No one can eat as fast as Arvid and I. Not sure this is something
 to brag about, but with our lifestyle it is a necessity.

Today at the grocery store I stocked up on my fruit.  Cherries are in season
 so that will be the fruit for the next few days until we get tired of it.  Always 
bananas, mangoes and pineapple on that list as well.  Mangoes are definitely my
 favorite fruit.  Still have some papaya so I think I will be OK for a few days.

Shrimp Scampi on the menu today with sauteed mushrooms and a fresh salad.
Tomatoes were picked from our tree here at home.  Happy day here.

Happy Saturday everyone.  It is definitely summer weather here.
What better way to cool off than with a chilled watermelon?

Nina and family arrived in The Sunshine State.
They are now home.  Wish we were there also with them.

Every summer has its own story.  Enjoy the little things...