Sep 6, 2017

And Life Goes On...

Don't try to understand everything.  Sometimes it is
not meant to be understood.  Just accepted...

Yesterday was not the best of days.  Lots going on in the lives of loved ones.
We got a call yesterday morning from Arvid's brother.  Their mom was in the hospital.
 Still don't know for certain what is going on, but always hoping for the best.

Hurricane Irma is sweeping through the Caribbean.  Puerto Rico is in
 it's path BIG TIME.  My sister and many loved ones including friends are there.
Hurricane season is one of the worst times to be in the Islands and Florida.
On the other hand, hurricanes do not discriminate.  They change their paths and
 cause destruction just about everywhere.  No one is really safe from them.

We have had two very busy days so far.  All good because already it is Wednesday.
Have no idea how the days are just flying by us.  Our temperatures are much cooler right
 now.  The question I have is, should I close the pool at Almost Home for this year?

Her name is Angel.  One of the two little kids that live at Almost Home.
I am lucky because she and Elise love to visit me daily. I paint their nails
and I always have a little goody waiting for them.  Best of all I love their hugs.
 They run to me with open arms.  Yes, I am happy.  Makes up a little for
the hugs I am missing from our grand daughters and Lilly Vade.

Lilly Vade started 4th grade yesterday in California.  Both her
and Riley so far loved it.  California is treating them well.    My sister
Rima started her own Blog.  Check it out.  Rima is a unique soul.

One year and 10 months yesterday without our Brutus.  One year
and six months without little Shadow.  It's called life, it's not always easy,
but we make the most of it because we have one life, and it is for the living.

Wednesday already.  What do you hold for us today?
As of 6 am no news from Norway nor my family in Puerto Rico.

And tonight I fall asleep with you in my heart.... again.
Start each day with a grateful heart.  Life is beautiful...