Sep 21, 2017

Hoping For A Better Day ~

No matter how old I get, I always want my mom when I don't feel good...

I'm guessing it's just a sinus headache, but boy I have had it since Sunday
and nothing seems to work.  I have tried a few sinus medicines, but the headache
still persists.  Feels like my left eye will soon pop out of my face. 

Yup, that's how bad it is.  Even so, there is no time to stay home and take
the day off.  Have to go to work and do what has to be done.  Right now
wish I was a little girl once again and mom and dad were there to take
care of me and tell me everything is going to be all right.

Our lives have gotten so busy we hardly can afford to not feel well,
much less take time off.  I know that I can take the day off if I wish,
but I feel guilty about that.  Guess we were raised to be extra
responsible.  Good and sometimes not so good.

I see the weather changing.  I feel it as well.  Cooler in the mornings with fog
rolling in.  Dark skies with a bit of rain.  That how it has been the last few days.
  The good part though is that the sun comes out everyday and warms us up.
  Feels really good right now.  No humidity, but I believe there is something
in the air making allergies kick in.  Take the good with the not so good.

Rima and family are settled in.  As she says, "California just feels like home."
They are all happy.  The kids are in school and life continues for everyone.

Here in Branson we are doing good.  Business is great, Arvid, Sniff
and I have each other and for that we are grateful.  We do miss some of the
lifestyle we had before, but I know one day we will be enjoying it again. 

Puerto Rico, my once home and now home to my sister and family
 is destroyed. The devastation is more than anyone can imagine. For me
devastation was hearing my sister crying as she said to me,
"I lost everything.  The island is destroyed."

This was yesterday after Hurricane Maria devastated then.  They are
 without water and electricity.  This can be anywhere from 4-8 months in
some parts of the island.  As of yesterday we have not heard from her.
Ask me how we feel.  Ask us what is going through our minds.

We know they are alive.  Grateful for that, but I can't get over how broken
down she was.  Nirvana is strong, and everyone is allowed a little
 weakness, but as the new day begins, I know my sister.  She
is a fighter like all of us.  She is probably helping the ones less
 fortunate right now. I want to be there with her.  For her.

For now wishing everyone a good day and keep making memories.
Be grateful that you were not affected by all these natural disasters, and if
you can find t in your heart to help in any way the do it.  There
 are so many that will be living a nightmare for years to come.

To all my friends and family in Puerto Rico.  It is only you and you alone
that knows what you are going through.  I can say how devastated I am, and I am.
But you are living the devastation and the horror.  You know what it is to
wake up to water in in homes and watch everything you own in ruins.

 I can only imagine it and it's horrible.  You live it.  I am so relieved my sister
 and loved ones are safe.  Yes, I am selfish right now.  All my focus is
 on the ones I love, but I know there are millions as well who are so
 less fortunate.  For today I just want to be grateful that my
sister and loved ones are safe.  The island is destroyed,
 Puerto Ricans are the people with the most heart in them.
Together they will overcome this and they will become stronger.

Never give up no matter how much
"you gotta be freakin' kidding me life throws at you"...