Sep 17, 2017

Peaceful Day ~

I believe in the person I want to become...

Today looks like the start of fall.  As I look out the window, the leaves
 are falling, the sky is dark, and it just looks like a day where all one wants
 to do is stay in, bundle up a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.  
Who knows maybe that's what I will end up doing.

Sniff is already bundled up and napping on my desk.  He has chased
 butterflies and a few other insects for the morning.  He is inside and the
 "bugs" on the outside.  This little exercise has worn hi out.  At least for now.

Not feeling that great today.  Don't know the exact reason, but I'm 
sure as the day goes on it will get better.  Arvid's mom is still in the hospital,
  but not ICU.  She's doing much better and hopefully will be able to
 return back to her home very soon.  Always hoping for the best.

Our Sunday is looking to be another very relaxing day.  As always soccer in the 
morning for Arvid, and then a little this and a little that.  Makes for a good day.

Wishing everyone a quiet and peaceful day.

Wake up with the determination to go to bed with satisfaction...