Sep 4, 2017


Sometimes you win sometimes you learn...

Good morning everyone.  It has been a relaxing weekend for us.
We Skyped with our granddaughters and it made for a wonderful
 and relaxing day.  I am still smiling as I think of them.

Yesterday was also a little sad for both Arvid and I.  He told me that
on Saturday night he really missed Brutus, and at that same moment I was
also going through a rough patch of missing him.  Our days are good.

  We have Sniff and can't complain about much, but missing Brutus is
 something that comes and goes all the time.  When I think of Shadow
it is agonizing.  Both Arvid and I try to block that memory.

Happy Monday all and may this be another very productive week for all of us.

Be fearless in  the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire...