Sep 3, 2017

Sunday ~ Funday ~

A good life is a collection of happy moments...

Arvid is one of those people who never takes no for an answer.  
When it come to renting out his nightly rooms at 76 Inn, he never gives
 up and before he comes home on Saturday he has rented everything out. 

 He comes home smiling and happy.  He is by nature a happy man, but 
just knowing that he himself was instrumental in renting out the last of his 
nightly room makes it an even better day.  Love seeing him with that big smile. 
 Hotel business is doing good. We are full and we are staying busy.

Today it's time for some Home Depot shopping. Yes there is always
 something that we need to stock up on.  At Almost Home Tony
 has had the last two days off.  Everything was and is good at my place. 
Tenants happy all quiet and peaceful. Just the way I like it.

Tomorrow is Labor Day. Many have the day off. Arvid and I will
 be going in to work just because that's how we are.  I think I 
will just go on for a few hours.  Have to go and collect some 
payments and after that I may just call it a day.

Wishing everyone a Sunday filled with peace, tranquility,
 and all things good.  Looking forward to a fairly relaxing and calm day here. 
 Time to sit back and enjoy some beautiful weather and a pleasant outing later 
on in the day. And yes we are still having almost perfect weather.

Happy Sunday to all.

Unexpected moments are the best...