Sep 20, 2017

Waiting For The Storm To Pass...

Millions of lives were changed in a day by a cruel and wasteful storm...

At 4:20 this morning my sister's last text to us was, "now it's hitting us. 
 May not be able to text for a while.  Power has been gone since 
2 am and water has been shut off since yesterday."

Our parents in North Carolina have been awake.  For a mother this is
 terrifying knowing her child and grandson are in an island right now where
 Hurricane Maria is wrecking havoc to any and everything in its path.
 Including her daughter and grandson.  No sleep for anyone.

My sister in Florida is awake as are the ones in Vermont and
 California as well.  There is absolutely nothing we can do right now, 
but knowing that all of us are "together" with Nirvan and JC makes for
 a little comfort.  Right now we are all awake.  Sipping on coffee and waiting.

Even Sniff Sniff who was all curled up again me on the bed did not hesitate
 to wake up as I left the bedroom.  Arvid also woke up, but he said to me 
"it's the middle of the night.  Come back to bed."I can't.  I can't sleep. 

 Like the rest of my family we are worried.  Worried about what
 is happening  right now in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.
  Worried for Nirvana and JC and all the people in PR.

Having being raised in Puerto Rico and living in Florida, hurricanes
 are very familiar.  You can never take it too lightly.  It's path is
 usually unpredictable.  Terrible thing about Maria is that its path
 is NOT unpredictable.  Puerto Rico is in for a direct hit.

As of right now my sister is being battered by the storm.  She and J are
in their condo.  The neighborhood where her house is has been hit HARD!
 The destruction as she just told us is way too much to calculate right now.  When daylight
comes my sister's house may no longer be standing.  Please God, protect them and everyone.

Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid.
Courage means you don't let fear stop you...