Sep 9, 2017

Saturday Vibes ~

Peace.  It doesn't not mean to be in a place where there is no noise,
trouble, or hard work; it means to be in the midst of those
things and still be calm in your heart...

I'm a morning person.  Always have been, so not like Sniff and Arvid.
Sniff rarely wants to get out of the bed.  He stays curled up by my side. 
Some days I just lay there giving him more time to "relax" 

Unfortunately, I have to then move him a little so I can get out and start getting
set for the day ahead.  He does not seem to mind.  Goes to the kitchen
with me.  Eats some food and then wants me to paw with him.  Which I do. 
Then he's happy and is ready for another nap.  Life of a kitty cat.

Sniff is a good boy.  Everyday he gives us another reason to fall in love
all over again with him.  Unfortunately he is a biter and I do have many scratches
and little bites.  I take them in stride.  Arvid not so much.  He's a little scared
because Brutus never bit us.  They are all different that's for sure

One of the restaurants we frequent at The Landings.  Bass Pro Fish House.
We go mostly for the view, the food not bad either.  Great crab cakes.

Another car show is in store this weekend.  Right across from Almost Home.
I see all these beautiful cars pulling in.  makes for relaxing times, unfortunately
I do not want to leave my office, but work calls so have to keep moving.

From what we have noticed, there are quite a few car shows in Missouri.
As you can imagine, Arvid is quite happy about this, and I am loving it as well.
The weekend is here already.  As I always say, "where did the week go?"

Put your feet up.  The weekend is here again
It's Saturday.  Remember that bad decisions = the best stories...