Sep 1, 2017

Here And There ~

Life moves so fast.  You gotta document the good times, man...

Well the weekend is here again.  Maybe a little shopping is store who know?
Lately it as been Arvid asking me if I wanted to go shopping.  Guess he would
like to buy something pretty soon as well.  Somehow just a little something
makes one feel so much better.  Makes everything look brighter.

Little by little we have been seeing more of Branson.  I does have beauty.
Looking forward to what everyone call one of the most beautiful
seasons. Fall.  Supposedly Branson is know for a stunning fall.

Sniff is doing really good.  Everyday he makes me feel guilty because he
wants me to play all the time with him and when I leave in the
mornings he looks at me with those big eyes.  I always give him a
little extra playtime even if it means getting in "late" to work.

After all as Arvid says, "you are the boss."  happy Friday all.
Why don't you start that thing you've been putting off off so long?

Let the good times roll.  We got that Friday feeling...