Sep 10, 2017

Sunday ~

Good things come with a positive vibe...

Had to run over to Almost Home early this morning.  No emergencies, 
just something I forgot to do.  Have to take care of business after all. 
 Looking forward to a quiet and relaxing day. Love our Sundays.

Arvid can't sit still so he took a trip over to my place and his.  Sniff is sleeping
 again.  His morning nap is already into its second hour.  I was awake at
 3 am this morning and of course Sniff came with me.  I read as 
he slept close to me.  Was a very nice feeling.  Peaceful.

As hurricane Irma battles Florida, I am happy to say that Fort Lauderdale
missed the the impact of its full force.  Unfortunately, several other counties in 
Florida is dealing with terrible conditions right now.  Hurricane Jose is making its
presence into the picture as well.  Once again Puerto Rico is in its path.

When will this all end?  Not sure, but for now hoping once again for the best.
Already have heard from many friends in Fort Lauderdale.  Power is off 
in many areas and it is HOT with 100% humidity.  So happy
 we are not there.  So very sorry for the ones who are.

Happy Sunday everyone.  Be grateful that you are safe and keep the ones in 
the hurricanes path in your prayers.  Sending positive vibes to each and everyone.

Your body hears everything your mind says stay positive.
You did not wake up today to be mediocre...