Sep 25, 2017

New Week Again ~

New week, bring it on...

All ready to face another week.  Caffeine has kicked in and I feel
totally energized.  Bring it on whatever it is the day holds, I'm ready.

As it has been for the last few weeks, the fog is rolling in.  As the day
warms up the sun will be out and it's bye bye fog.  As I make my way to work,
I am pretty captivated by the scenery.  Definitely different, but always interesting.

Here at Almost Home everything is quiet.  Most of the tenants are still asleep.

As Tony and I plan for the day, I can already see signs of movement.  A few are up and
waking their dogs.  Some are on their way to work.  And so begins another week.

The fact that I have a sinus infection all over again will/can't slow me down.
All "medicated, caffeinated.  Ready to roll on this Monday.  Bring it on.

This is nothing compared to what my sister and the Island of Puerto Rico
 is facing.  My sister managed to get in a few words this morning at 3 am to
 our mom.  No reception so you grab it if and when you can.  They have
 been on a line for the last 4 hours.  Waiting to buy some bread at a CVS.
  So if you/we think we have it bad.  Take a step back and think again.

A new week rolls in.  A week full of promise, potential
and endless possibilities.  A week for you to pursue your dreams...