Dec 7, 2021

A Cold Day Here ~ December 7th

 Faith is taking the whole step even 
when you don't see the whole staircase...

Shock to Arvid's system. He said the temperatures switched
 from one day to another.  On Sunday it was 73F, yesterday
😎 morning it was 37F, the numbers just switched around.
  He's cold 😂, and it keeps getting "better"  the temperature
 is dipping, and Arvid keeps our place hot as a sauna 😲

Sniff is also cold, based on the fact that every night he snuggles 
up really close between Arvid and I.  He never moves, and 
only gets out of bed when I do.  I'm earlier than Arvid.

During the day there is so much to do.  Unpacking does 
not seem to ever want to end.  On Sundays we still take 
some time off to have a relaxing outing and a good meal.

  Also there is always some time left in rediscovering 
one of our favorite places, The Landing in Branson.
  Beautiful time of the year right now.  Everywhere.

To all a very good morning.  The good thing is that 
after today we will be warming up again.  Weather in Branson
 is very strange.  One day is freezing and a few days after it
 feels like summer. Warm weather is coming soon again.

Speak your mind even if your voice shakes...