Dec 18, 2021

Saturday December 18th ~

Alcohol, because no great story has 
started with someone eating a salad...

The rain did not stop us from having a good Friday outing. 

What an ugly day we had yesterday, it was cold, and
 it was wet  Cold rain definitely not the same as warm 
rain 😂 even so it didn’t stop me from having breakfast
 with another of my former tenants of Almost Home.

  We had a good time together.  Chatted and 😘
☕ enjoyed a leisurely breakfast   Having one car
 means Arvid and I have to schedule our “chores”
"errands" at different times  makes for “fun” times.

In Branson one of the most difficult things for people
 is transportation.  Not everyone has a car, so if you want 
to meet up with anyone it has to be planned around what 
is close by to them so that they can walk to and from.

Our current car really does not have room for
 anyone in the back  you can look at it in two ways. 
 That’s either good or bad, depending on the situation

We have some busy days next week, but also looking
 forward to seeing some other former tenants.  

Being a wet day, it was spent "mostly" indoors 
doing some getting rid of unwanted stuff, but too 
much indoor is not a good thing either.  That's 
how I put it to Arvid, who of course agreed.

Sniff is not really enjoying the cold weather, he
 seeks the sunshine and warm laundry but yesterday
 there was no sunshine so I put his linens in the
 dryer to warm up his bed.  He was happy.

Seven more days until Christmas no plans but to stay in,
 and make dinner at home.  Watch a few movies and indulge
 in some snacks and some 🥂🥃🍹  it never hurts.

My thoughts go to my kitties in PR.  I wonder why no one 
has seen Rocco and Baby.  I understand not seeing Senior, but 
Rocco and Baby  😢 are always in the same location as Marbles,
 MacGyver, Shygirl and Milo.  I know something is not right 😢

The temperature is going to drop throughout the day.  
Arvid says we will just be staying in.  As everyone 
knows, the cold is not for him.  Yet, here we are 😂

Happy day to all.  Make an amazing one.

Don't judge someone just because they sin differently 😂...