Dec 15, 2021

Wednesday December 15th ~

No matter who tries to teach you lessons
 about life you won't understand it until
 you go through it on your own... 

The days are winding down.  Ten more days until
 Christmas.  As far as I know, we will not be doing much.
  Spending it at home with Sniff.  Christmas day is not 
our favorite day to eat out, but I sure would like to go
 walking around The Landings a little after dinner.

This of course could all change depending on how
 Arvid's mother in Norway is doing.  For now she
 is in good hands and being taken care of 🙏.  

For now we enjoy where we are.  It is cold, 
but I have learnt that there is beauty everywhere. 
 You just have to look for it, and be grateful.

Don't wait for things to get easier, simpler, or better.
  Life will always be complicated.  Learn to be happy
 right now.  Otherwise you'll run out of time...