Dec 8, 2021

The Simple Things In Life ~ The Beach

 One day your life will flash before
 your eyes.  Make it worth watching...

Looking back to when we were there.  So beautiful 💛

Even with the rain, you can't take away the beauty of a 
place, and Fort Lauderdale is definitely a beautiful place.

As we drove by the beach at nights, it was always raining, 
but every so often there was an opening for a picture. 
 I did get wet occasionally as I put the window down.

This is the new display on the beach.  
Arvid does not like it too much 😂.

Mr Snowman and his selfie stick.  Kinda funny if you ask.

Even with travel opening to Europeans, the beach 
was still fairly deserted.  I did ask the taxi man if he 
has seen many European tourist, and he said not
 so far.  Mostly Americans are there right now.

I'm sure in the next couple of weeks the
 beach and Fort Lauderdale will be packed.

For now I and enjoying looking back at 
these quiet times and a fairly "deserted" beach

Christmas is everywhere and it sure looks beautiful.

Could not miss a photo shoot with Mr. Snowman.

Wishing everyone happy times and a happy day.
  Make everyday count and make it amazing.

Every day, I like to wake up and remind 
myself to be grateful of the simple things...