Dec 16, 2021

Thursday December 16th ~

 When you feel good you open the 
door for positive energy to reach you...

I have already started seeing some of the people from
 Almost Home.  Makes me happy.  Took Mary to lunch, and 
my calendar has a few more.  There's going to be many lunches 
and breakfasts during the next couple of days.  Very happy.

The temperature is cooling down very fast.  Someone is not too
 happy right now.  He hates the cold 😂  Yesterday we had a high
 of 75F (24C), but the rest of the week is a different story 😂.

Even though Sniff has all that fur, I think he is cold because 
he always finds his way under some kind of blanket.

Nine more days until Christmas.  I'm sure many are 
getting pretty excited by now.  Families soon all gathered,
 laughter and lots of good food and love going around.  

Will be missing family this year.  Arvid,
 Sniff and I will be spending it here in Branson.
  Would really love to have a white Christmas.

Wet, but still a fairly warm morning.
  Happy Thursday everyone.

There are times when silence is the best 
way to yell at the top of your voice...