Dec 12, 2021

Sunday In Branson ~ December 12th

 You do not find the happy life.  You make it...

A good cup of coffee, and Sniff by my side makes 
any day a good day.  Arvid is still catching up on his 
"beauty" sleep so all is nice and quiet for now.

Getting the cold was probably inevitable. Sniff has
 many spots where he gets lots of sunshine, and I 
warm up his linens on his bed to make it cozier.

Wishing everyone a happy day.  Remember, don't ruin
 a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday.  Let it go. 
 I have to pay attention to this as well because somedays I
 just let my mind go places I would rather it didn't.

Thirteen days until Christmas.  It's the most wonderful time
 of the year.  At least I have always thought this way.  I still do.

It's how you deal with failure that
 determines how you achieve success...