Dec 13, 2021

Monday December 13th ~

 This is your Monday morning reminder that you
 can handle whatever this week throws at you...

Sniff knows the UPS man by now.  He waits for him 
then runs to the door in hope the man rings the bell. 
 Well on this day he did, and Sniff's condo arrived.

Now he's happy to have his condo once again.  The one he 
had in Puerto Rico I gave to the security guard.  She has a 
kitty and she loved it, as does her kitty.  Made us happy.

Twelve days until the most wonderful time of the year. 
 Tis the season to be jolly.  We all have problems we are 
dealing with, but sometimes it's OK to just take a 
minute and believe in the magic of Christmas.

Brutus loved getting dressed up for all the occasions
 or, maybe it was I who loved getting him all dressed up 😍,
 but he was much better at handling all the different outfits
 than Sniff is.  Sniff sees clothes and he takes off and does not
 show up for hours.  Something tells me these two are cold.

Good morning to all.  Today hopefully we will be
 going to the zoo.  I love zoo's and Arvid knows it since
 he didn't "complain" about the almost 3 hours drive 
(one way) to get there.  Happy day already.

If it makes you happy no one 
else's opinion should matter...