Dec 21, 2021

My Christmas Kitties: Brutus, Shadow, Sniff

 Memories are like bullets.  Some whiz by and spook you.
  Others tear you open and leave you in pieces... 😿

It's just four days until Christmas.  Once again COVID 
news is dominating the world.  Just when you think 
everything was 'OK" a new variant comes out and
 "ruins" everything.  I no longer watch the news.

When it comes to our Brutus I am biased.  Pretty sure 
I always will be.  After all he is my baby.  There will never
 be a day a memory of Brutus does not cross my mind.

 Shadow just had one Christmas with us. Lately I have
 been thinking a lot about him, and I get very angry.
  Moving on sometimes is easier said than done. 
 I want to scream an throw things, but I haven't.

Sniff is our little rascal.  He like all the other
kitties is very pampered.  He has us wrapped around
 his little paw.  Just like Brutus and Shadow did, 
 and we love it.  We love him.  My little Sniff. 

I love Sniff like crazy. He is the most gentle and the
 sweetest of kitties.  Life without him would definitely not be
 the same.  He makes every moment of every day better.

No one can ever take your memories from you, each day
 is a new beginning, make good memories every day.
You may not think you have a good memory,
but you remember what's important to you.

Memories may fade as the years go by but they won't 
age a day. When tomorrow comes this day will be gone 
forever, but I shall hold something which I have traded
 for it. It may be no more than a memory, but if 
it is a worthy one I shall not regret the price...