Dec 25, 2021

December 25th ~ Merry Christmas

 May you never be too grown up
 to search the skies on Christmas Eve.

🎄 Christmas reminds me of what a wonderful 
childhood I have had, and what a lucky girl I am.  
Though we didn't have much, our home was always 
filled with friends.  Everyone having jolly good time.

The smells of Christmas are the smells of childhood.
Making Christmas even more special, it's also my 
mom's birthday.  My dad would pamper her even
 more on this day.  We all did because she pampered 
us everyday, and continues to do so all the time.

It was and still remains the little things that
 makes life's special moments even more special.  
My parents could not always afford to buy us presents 
for Christmas, but one year they saved up and each 
of us had a doll.  Was the best Christmas ever.

Arvid and I have had Christmas in many a places. 
 Most have been warm and sunny, except for the time
 in Norway.  It was cold, but always a beautiful country.

Another cold but perfect December was Zurich, Switzerland.

2015 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  At the time
 Arvid and I owned a condo there, but after a 
while we were no longer keen on it.  Sold.

We also spent Christmas in the Bahamas, 
where we also owned a house on the beach.  Our 
Lil' Red House.  It was beautiful while it lasted.

Of course most of our Christmases were spent 
in Florida.  Home after all.  A few also in North Carolina.  
Where my parents live, and where we all can be together.

My childhood memories of Christmas is of Puerto Rico.  
We were fortunate to spend last Christmas there.  The people 
are the happiest, and the festivities are one of a kind, and I 
was happy to share this experience with the one I love.

Because of COVID, we were limited as to what 
we could do, but at the time we had a regular "part"
 going on just by looking out from our balcony.

The best part was that we spent it with my 
 and her kids.  Nothing like a quiet, peaceful time spent
 with the ones you love.  Unforgettable, and I will forever
 be grateful for the time we had in Puerto Rico.

Christmas would never be complete without
 a few pictures of our kitties.  Brutus and Shadow
 have died 😢, but Sniff is with us. and everyday
 he makes our lives better.  Sniff is just all love.

Because every picture tells a story. Some days 
the memory still knocks the wind out of me.

Christmas is doing a little 
something extra for someone...