Dec 23, 2021

December 23rd ~

 I put so much thought into your gift that now 
it's too late to get it.  Merry Christmas anyway...

My sister sent us this the other day.  Now I'm
 thinking she meant me, since just about everything I text
 seems to be misspelt. In my defense there is this so annoying
 auto correct thing, and the fact that I do not see well. 
 Of course I could take some time and check what
 I wrote before sending it out, but I don't 😂.

Sniff has gotten a heating bed.  He loves it and now 
don't know it it was such a great idea because he wants to
 be on it all the time, and not spend time with us in bed. 

 I figured that I will only give it so many hours before
 it times out, then he has to come to the bed.  He did
 that this morning so it seems to be working.

Yesterday Arvid and I had lunch with two of his former
 tenants, now friends.  We had a good time, good food and
 conversation.  Always nice to catch up with what's going
 on in everyone's lives and to spend a little time together.

It's two more days before "the day" Christmas day. 
 Naughty or Nice wishing everyone a happy Christmas. 
 Enjoy everyday always.  Make everyday Christmas.

As long as we have wine the holidays will be fine...