Jan 6, 2022

First Snow ~ January 6th

When snow falls, nature listens... 

The grounds are covered with a light layer of white.
  Not much, but it sure looks pretty. Arvid will not be so happy.
  All of his doomsday theories will surface.  Again 😂

I did not walk this morning.  The low 20'w and 
snow was a little too much, and truth be known, I 
do not have the right clothes for winter as I thought. 
 My clothes are all summer gear with a few long 
sleeves.  Not good enough for this kind of cold.

I did buy a hat yesterday in preparation for
 my morning walks, but will have to be put to 
the test another day, since I'm not that 
brave to go out for long periods.

I did venture out for some pictures, but now my 
fingers and my feet are frozen, but was worth it.  I felt
 the snow on my face and was able to get a few pictures. 
 Now to hibernate indoors for the rest of the day.

Sniff is amazed by the falling snow.  His eyes dart
 back and fort as it falls.  At one point he tried to 
catch a snowflake.  Sniff is just adorable.

To all a good day.  I am hoping for more snow,
 but does not seem like I will be granted my wish.
  Even so, I'm happy we had a little today.

To appreciate the beauty of the snowflake
 it is necessary to stand out in the cold...