Jan 17, 2022

Monday January 17th

Anyone who has lost something they thought 
was theirs forever finally comes to realize
 that nothing really belongs to them... 

Everyone talks about all the things they would do for 
someone they loved if they were given a second chance.  
I know 3 people who just don't talk about it, and they are
 doing it everyday.  Without anyone knowing.  They are Arvid's
 daughter Victoria, her boyfriend Michael, and Arvid's brother.

They do it, they show it, and they never tell anyone about it.  It's 
not something they have posted on any social media platforms.
 I know about it because I am part of the family and like them I
 care, and because of that they shared that experience with me.

The two people with two of the kindest hearts are
 Michael and Victoria.  Arvid's daughter and her boyfriend. 
 Just the other day they visited their grandmother, and
 yes, Michael is as much the grandson as any of the 
other grandchildren.  Michael has a heart of gold.
Arvid's brother is also one very good man.

They visit Molly, Arvid's mom in the hospital.  
Molly never lets go of their hand, and both Victoria and
 Michael took turns holding her hand.  Molly does not 
want them to leave.  Both Victoria and Michael
 stay the nights with her, holding her hand. 

I do not know many who would do this.  Maybe 
for their parent, but for their grandparent?  They did it out
 of love, and it broke their hearts to leave Molly more than 
anything else.  I have no words, all I have is admiration
 for these two.  Michael and Victoria.  They are special.

Molly's life is fading, but the time she has with Victoria 
and Michael is not only making these days "better"
 for her,  but it's making memories that both Victoria and
 Michael will always have, of a time when through 
the grief there was laughter, tears and stories.

How many of us can attest to this?  It's not
 a sacrifice if it's love that's motivating you

A persons actions will tell you
 everything you need to know...