Jan 23, 2022

January 23 ~ Time To Move On

 Life has to move forward.  Everything 
has its time and everything ends...

One of Arvid's “favorite” things to say to me is, 
“why do you have to always disagree with me.”  
Always is a little strong; but you get the drift. There are 
quite a few things we don’t see eye to eye about.  Not big 
things, just a few “minor” things.  I believe that this
 is where our upbringing comes into place.

I think Arvid is used to hearing what he wants 
to hear.  Then supposedly everything is OK; but with
 me it’s not always the case. I disagree with him on what
 I feel strongly about and what I feel is the right thing,
 but at the end of the day, he and Sniff are what I need.

 That being said, it has never become an issue more
 like an annoying habit as he would say. I strongly
 believe that by agreeing all the time with a person just
 because you think that this person wants to hear that
 he or she is right, is the same as lying to that person.

  I should know it has gotten me in hot water many
 a times. Do I listen? No. Not because I want to be stubborn, 
but because I cannot just lie to someone just to make them 
feel that everything is all right, he knows I love him, and I 
don't mind when he tells me a few hard truths as well.

A few people in your life may “disappear” then 
the question I ask myself is this, “what’s the point
 of saying something to you knowing it’s not what
 I believe is right?”  Does this make you a bad person?

As of last night Arvid was more or less packed,
 but not really feeling it.  Today he said he's ready to go
 and to take care of what needs to be done.  It's not easy. 
 I actually can imagine what it would be to walk into
 his moms apartment and it's empty, but knowing 
Arvid, he will stay busy and not dwell on things.

On a good note, there is something about Arvid 
and his culture.  They have the ability to process things 
and move on faster than I ever could.  Maybe in the 
long run they are better off than I will ever be. 

My heart remembers and feels too much.  Not always
 the best.  It takes me a much longer time to move on. Maybe 
not to my advantage.  I remember to much, too often.

Courage is not having the strength to go on; 
it's going on when you don't have the strength...