Jan 16, 2022

Sunday January 16th ~

 There are times when explanations, no matter
 how reasonable, just don’t seem to help...

Yesterday it snowed most of the day.  I was 
pretty excited, and was in and out quite often, to
 Arvid's dismay of course.  He can’t seem to understand 
why I need to go out in the cold 🤷🏻‍♀️.  I told him, it just 
looks so pretty.  He still thought I was crazy.

The above is Arvid "shoveling" snow right now.

For me it’s a treat to see the snow and to experience it,
 because I know we won’t be seeing it again.  We are
 more the warmer climate type.  I may like it
 right now, but I prefer the palm trees 🌴 

Sniff is not sure of what this is all about, but he
 takes it in stride. Running from one part of the place to
 another. He loves to watch out from the windows.

Sunday. Not much planned. Never left home 
yesterday, and not sure if we will be going out today.
  I think we should.  There is a lot going on, and he
 needs to get out a little, but Arvid says that the 
salt on the road is not good for the car 🥶

Arvid is unique and I love him for that even 
when there are times when even I lose my patience 
with him, but Arvid is a good person.  A good man and 
for that I love him.  It’s not easy for him right now 😢

I have been with Arvid for 22 years.  I have seen him
 sad once before.  Brutus’ death devastated him.  He 
won’t talk much about it.  Today I see him sad, and
 it’s because of his mom.  She’s not doing good 😔.

I said to him, “talk to me” all he said was there’s
 not much to talk about right now, but just 
knowing I am by his side is a big help 🖤
 I wish there was more I could do 🖤

Arvid will soon be on his way to Norway.  He needs
 to be there right now.  I know he worries about me, but 
like I said to him, "now all you need to focus on is getting
 there, and being there for everyone."  His mom, daughters, 
and brother need him right now more than I do. If I 
could, I would be there with everyone as well.

Sunday.  How is your day shaping up?  Hopefully 
better than ours right now.  Our home is sad.

Every man has his secret sorrows which
 the world knows not; and often times we 
call a man cold when he is only sad...