Jan 10, 2022

New Week. January 10th~

 Never let the fear of striking out 
keep you from playing the game...

Yesterday was much warmer than the days we
 have been having, yet for me it felt as if it as was 
 the coldest of days.  No matter what I did, I could 
not seem to get warm.  I can honestly say, I
 do not have the proper clothes for winter.

All of this being said, I have been looking to buy
 a winter jacket as in a proper one, but since it’s only 
online shopping I am doing, I can’t seem to find any.  
Maybe I should stop reading the reviews.  Wool 
irritates my skin. That I know for a fact.

Arvid and I went around for a little drive at sunset.  
Along the Branson strip.  As always we had to stop
 at my favorite site.  The Branson Ferris Wheel.
  It’s always a pretty sight. Especially at sunset.

New week here. My goal is to secure a Pet sitter
 for Sniff.  Not an easy task because when it comes
 to someone watching him I am extremely
 particular.  He is after all my little boy 💙

Wishing everyone a week filled with positivity
 and all things good. I am missing my PR kitties so
 very much.  My sister and Kimsy.  More so this past
 week for some reason.  Can't stop thinking of them.

 This week will be better. I tell myself that everyday. 
 Words are good, but life is more than words.

When you reach the end of your rope,
 tie a knot in it and hang on...