Jan 21, 2022

🥶 January 21 🥶 ~

Happiness is a hot drink on a cold day...

🥶 There ain't no more to say 🥶, and again, I
 wonder what we were thinking of.  I do not think we 
have had such cold weather in Branson when we lived 
here before.  It's been days now we have not been able
 to get out, due to icy roads. Not happy with that 🥶.

Can't go walking because I am scared I will fall again.
  My sister said I should get some cleats for my shoes.  Says she
 wore them in Vermont when she went walking and it stopped 
her from slipping and falling.  Guess I have to look into it.

They do look a little fierce, and knowing me I
 would probably end up hurting myself more than not 🙄.

Wishing everyone a much warmer day than we are
 having right now.  All good here just cold.  Last night 
Arvid was sad, he said, "I really wish you were coming
 with me.  I need you by my side."  I wish I could
 be there with him and everyone as well 🖤 .

  On a good note, Arvid gets to see everyone again. 
 He will hold our youngest granddaughter, Amelia
for the very first time.  I wish I could also💗.

The days are getting colder, have a warm heart...