Jan 2, 2022

January 2nd, 2022

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart...

2022 started out on a good note for us. I talked to
 all of my family.  Always a good start. My parents
 always call us early. Our family, including extended
 family is large so my dad starts the calls early.

Arvid was very happy because there were many
 soccer games to see.  He was not that happy with 
some of the results, but he enjoyed the games. More 
games to follow today ⚽️  He will be happy

Our first outing for 2022 had us having 
chicken wings. Delicious as always and for us it 
was a perfect and delicious start of the year.

The next few days we won’t be going anywhere
 🥶 it’s cold and getting colder. Strangely we 
have not had any snow. Wish we would.

The other day I saw Fatboy and some deer.
 Made for a happy time. Both Arvid and
 I enjoyed watch the deer eating. 

Sniff as usual is slacking off. Taking it easy.
 He has his heating bed up and running and will
 have it for the week ahead. Too cold for him.

It’s going to be a quiet Sunday.  Hot chocolate,
 a good book, soccer and movies on Netflix.  
It’s cold outside, but nice and warm inside.

Happy Sunday all and I hope 2022 so far is
 being good to you.  Remember you can't wait for 
things to happen, you have to do something in 
order for it to happen.  Don't take the "easy" 
way by saying "God has a plan for me."  

Every mile is two in the winter...